Naturally Inspired

Organic vs. Synthetic 

All-natural alternatives to synthetic chemical treatments for lawn and garden have been available for decades. Originally, non-chemical treatments were often more costly than chemical treatments. Now, GRO-WELL presents a new generation of affordable, high-performance organics. In a time of increased awareness of environmental hazards from traditional chemical-based solutions, it is only natural that people are turning to products that are non-polluting and safer for children and pets.

Making the switch to natural can be a simple as trading synthetic chemical-based products for organic lawn & garden products—or it can be more involved. Ideally, it means choosing low-maintenance, region-specific plants and turf, amending the soil to make it more self-sustaining, using organic fertilizers and pesticides and employing landscaping materials that not only look good, but are also good for your lawn. 

An all-natural transformation can also involve bringing nature to interior living spaces. The GRO-WELL Woods & Willow Home Décor collection captures the essence of this important decorating philosophy.

Timeless design and naturally inspired, our recycled materials create decorative elements that are at home in the garden, patio and in every room of the house.