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Seedlings are more expensive than seeds, but they offer important advantages that may offset cost. For example, it is easy to see at a glance whether a seedling is healthy and thriving. Its roots are already established and ready for transplanting. Seedlings bought locally are usually well suited to the region. It is easy to see exactly where to place each plant in your landscape scheme. Best of all, you have the satisfaction of watching your garden take shape almost immediately.

How To Select Seedlings

Be sure to buy seedlings from a reputable nursery. Most nurseries stock seedlings in a variety of sizes, priced according to size. Should you pay more to get the larger sized plants? That depends on your objectives. If it is important to you that your planting beds look filled-in from the start, larger plants are an obvious choice. On the other hand, smaller plants are often more adaptable and less likely to become stressed when they are moved from container to planting bed.

When And How To Plant Seedlings

For best results, plant seedlings early rather than late in the season. That way, they will have time to adjust to seasonal changes in temperature. Ask your nursery expert for details about how far apart to plant seedlings. Do not store them for long periods in their containers—leave them overnight in the area where you will plant them, then put them in the ground as soon as possible. Store away from heat. Above all, keep seedlings moist.

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