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GRO-WELL African Violet Mix, 8 Qt

GRO-WELL African Violet Mix offers an outstanding medium for either planting or repotting African Violets and other indoor, flowering plants that love acid. Created by expert agronomists, this premium-quality product is composed of organic compost, sphagnum peat moss, vermiculite and perlite. Use this product to help create a suitable root environment, moisture and nutrient retention, and improved drainage. To do their best, African Violets require bright but diffused light along with moist soil. It’s very important to use appropriate watering techniques and plant care. 

This product is also excellent for: Hydrangea, Columnia “Goldfish Plant,” Gardenia, Saintpaulia “African Violet,”  Sinningia “Gloxinia,” Caladium Calceolaria “Pocketbook Plant,” and Anthurium “Flamingo Flower.”

Dimensions: 18x12x3 in