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A Legacy of Quality and Evironmental Responsiblity 

The GRO-WELL brand name first appeared in 1855 with lawn and garden care products created to enhance growth and preserve the environment. Today, the brand has been reinvigorated by the merger of three of the most well-known and highly regarded companies in the field: Benick Brands, Western Organics and Sierra Organics. 

Today's GRO-WELL is once again one of the nation's premier companies specializing in natural and organic home-and-garden products. The vast resources of our renewed brand allows GRO-WELL to offer an extensive and expanding line of environmentally friendly products through the company's distribution channels in the U.S..

This capability means those who care about the environment will no longer have to deal with the high prices and limited availability of planet-friendly lawn and garden products. GRO-WELL has significantly enhanced the affordability and availability of its products.

As major waterways, tributaries and estuaries in the U.S. have become impacted by the run-off chemical fertilizers, consumers and public-policy makers are calling for natural and organic lawn-care products to alleviate these problems. For a growing number of Americans, GRO-WELL Brands is the answer. 

Our Commitment

GRO-WELL Brands is committed to creating organic, eco, pet and kid-friendly products. We are one of the top five largest companies in Arizona to participate in recycling materials that would otherwise make its way to our Valley's landfills. Not only are we reducing waste, we are promoting better air quality from recycling material that would otherwise generate harmful gases into our air and atmosphere. 

Here at GRO-WELL, we are aware of the importance of making environmentally conscious decisions that will create a healthier environment for now, and for future generations.