Naturally Inspired

GardenTime Potting Soil

GardenTime Potting Soil is regionally formulated by local gardeners for local gardeners. It’s all natural and organic formula makes it a good all-purpose potting soil for indoor and outdoor potted plants, raised beds and boxes, borders and containers. GardenTime Potting Soil’s natural and organic blend is a good general purpose growing medium for flowers, vegetables, herbs, roses, nursery shrubs and ornamentals. This potting soil can be used when transplanting growing plants to larger containers, pots or anytime a fresh potting soil is needed. Use GardenTime Potting Soil confidently in many of your outdoor planting and gardening needs. 

  • Package Size: 20 Quart / 64 Quart / 1 Cubic Foot
  • Grow-Well Item #: GT 21620 / GT 21650 / GT 11643