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Arizona's Best Four Seasons Lawn Food 21-7-14

Arizona’s Best Four Seasons Lawn Food is a homogeneous prilled fertilizer, dust and chlorine free, with the ratio of N, P and K necessary to meet the demands of turf professionals. Four Seasons is a professional turf fertilizer scientifically formulated for highly maintained turf. It is designed to give the professional turf manager or homeowner a championship quality product with the right nutritional formula to satisfy the demanding requirements of quality turf. Advantages for the landscape professional and homeowner are: nitrate for fast greening in cool weather, ammonium nitrogen for sustained feeding, high water solubility phosphate for vigorous new growth, sulfate of potash for maintenance of vigorous turf in high traffic areas and to aid in turf resistance to disease and weather stress. 

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  • Package Weight: 20 Pounds
  • Grow-Well Item #: AZB10032